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In 1975 ONIS was one of the first companies, outside Japan, to represent FUJINON endoscopes.

During more than 35 years, ONIS built a comprehensive range of products in the field of Gastroenterology, keeping in mind its two principles :

A speciality : the flexible endoscopy

Over the years, ONIS has developped, for Belgium and Luxembourg, a unique experience in the field of the flexible endoscopy. The list of distributed products has grown significantly with the years and today ONIS represents a wide range of material and accessories complementary to this branch.

With the advent of Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic surgery (NOTES), the frontier between surgery and endoscopy is becoming less and less obvious. To follow this evolution of endoscopy, ONIS has developed a range of surgical devices in the domain of bariatric surgery and intraoperative neuro-monitoring.

A commitment : the after-sales service

For professionals, nothing is as valuable as a good product with a good service.

ONIS has developped, parallel to its distributor’s activity, a very efficient after-sales service that makes its reputation. The workshop of Lasne, hardly 15 km away from Brussels, has the required experience just as the material necessary to repair and maintain the endoscopes and the washing and-disinfecting machines. The team of highly qualified field technicians is ready for any urgent intervention.

ONIS is dealing with most of the hospitals and private clinics of Belgium and Luxembourg, and it has also excellent relations with the private practitioners.

If you have any question regarding the activities of ONIS, please feel free to call us at +32.2.357.07.07 or email us at admin@onis.com for more informations.